Linking Coat hangers

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This is the routine that first brought Mike Caveney to the attention of the magic world. His great success resulted in appearances on television and at nearly every major magic convention in the world. Many magicians have called Mike's routine, "a true classic."

The coat hangers are fabricated out of lightweight aluminum and besides being long-lasting, our new silver anodized matte finish provides maximum visibility from the stage. The routine involves four coat hangers that link and unlink in a most mysterious fashion. Whsen the final pair of hangers refuse to unlink a hacksaw is introduced but it too becomes linked on the hanger. The comedic situations, combined with Mike's audience tested patter, result in a very commercial, five-minute routine.

The set includes four anodized aluminum coat hangers, a customized hacksaw, cloth carrying bag, 32-page instruction book and a 75-minute DVD that meticulously teaches every move of the routine and includes a live performance. Full price: $185

Current owners of Mike Caveney's Linking Coat hangers can obtain just the instructional DVD by sending the number from the front of their instruction book plus $25. 

Here is just a partial list of top magicians who have Mike Caveney's Linking Coat hangers: Harry Anderson, Gene Anderson, Michael Ammar, Stan Allan, Rich Bloch, Lance Burton, Luis de Matos, Alexander de Cova, James Dimmare, Paul Driscoll, Bruce Gold, Dick Gustafson, Pat Hazell, Chuck Jones, Harry Monte, Hank Moorehouse and Michael Weber.

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