3 Hand Juggling

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3-Hand JugglingThe performer explains that he is going to give a quick lesson in two-hand juggling but when he pulls out two mannequin arms instead of juggling clubs, the audience realizes that he is slightly confused. Because the mannequin arms are wearing coat sleeves that match the performer's coat, his simple juggling lesson turns into 6 minutes of non-stop laughs. Every gesture he makes with these super long arms looks hilarious.

Here is the complete patter and all the props necessary for this reputation-making routine. Includes three custom-made, mannequin-arm juggling clubs, a pair of juggling gloves, a rubber nose guard and a "handbag" perfect for carrying all the props. A printed booklet contains every word of patter and the DVD includes a live performance. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a completely original, audience-tested routine. These props are perfosrmance ready for those who perform in a black coat. Performers wearing a different color coat will have to make sleeves and gloves to match their costume. The performer should be comfortable with basic three-club juggling. Price: $850 plus $14 postage.

Watch the video clip below