Walter Jeans - Illusioneer

Author: Peter Warlock
161 pages
6x9 inches
Lavishly illustrated with photographs, advertisements and diagrams plus the English and American patent papers for the Million Dollar Mystery.
Remaining copies are presentation copies.
Expanded edition of number 1 in our series of Magical Pro-Files.
Published in 2006
Price: $50

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  • Walter Jeans - Illusioneer
  • Walter Jeans - Illusioneer
  • Walter Jeans - Illusioneer

In 1986 Mike Caveney's Magic Words (then Magical Publications) produced a modest book about a relatively unknown illusion inventor named Walter Jeans, written by a well-known magic scholar named Peter Warlock. The title page included this line: The first in a series of Magical Pro-Files. Though it took years to sell these books, the series grew to include more than a dozen titles. 1,000 copies of each book were produced with the exception of Walter Jeans which was limited to just 500 copies.

For years we have heard that the Jeans book was virtually impossible to obtain. In an effort to complete their set, some collectors have invested more that $300 for this elusive title. Others are still searching.

We are pleased to announce this new edition of Walter Jeans: Illusioneer. This is not a reprint of the first edition but rather a book nearly twice the size of the original. It features an abundance of new material including (through the generosity of Elizabeth Warlock) a transcription of Walter Jeans' original autobiography. Discover the true story behind Jeans' greatest creation The Million Dollar Mystery and study both the British and American patent papers for this groundbreaking principle. Follow Jeans as he interacts with Chung Ling Soo, Carter the Great, P.T. Selbit, Will Goldston, Servais LeRoy, the Maskelyne family and Harry Houdini who, after seeing Jeans manipulate coins remarked, "You are the greatest unknown man I have ever met."

Each book includes a brand new, tipped-in colored frontis-piece. Of course we realize that many collectors who already own the first edition will want to add this expanded edition to their library. Therefore, all we can say is, "fair warning."