John Henry Anderson
The Great Wizard of the North and His Magical Family

Author: Edwin A. Dawes & Michael E. Dawes
303 pages
Over 100 illustrations from Anderson's life and career
8-page color section
Fully indexed
Limited to just 400 copies.
Price: $75

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This highly anticipated biography corrects and enhances the record on one of the most renowned magicians of the 19th Century. Meticulously researched by Edwin & Michael Dawes, printed by Hermetic Press, and published by Conjuring Arts, John Henry Anderson: The Great Wizard of the North and His Magical Family is a comprehensive look at a most compelling figure of magic history. This publication is strictly limited to 400 copies. Free postage when shipped in America.
Price: $75.00
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From the Foreword by Edwin & Michael Dawes: "[W]e never anticipated the undertaking would lead to an ever-widening investigation of Anderson’s career, but such proved to be the case and, as each step forward seemed to unveil more information and puzzles that challenged solution, so did our horizon continue to extend ahead. The consequence has been a re-evaluation of many aspects of his earlier life following the discovery of much illuminating, previously unknown material relating to him and his family members, which in turn has necessitated the re-writing of substantial periods of Anderson’s life..."