Rene Lavand - The Dallas Soiree

Author: Rene Lavand
12 pages
7 x 8.5 inches
Published in 2006
Stitched and tied with a silk cord
Includes gimmicked cards for both routines
Price: $25

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  • Rene Lavand - The Dallas Soiree
  • Rene Lavand - The Dallas Soiree

This little jewel was first published as The New Orleans Soiree in 1993 and then republished in 2006 for the TAOM convention in Dallas, Texas. Within these pages you will find a short biography of Rene, an essay regarding his philosophy on magic and a detailed explanation for two of his most astonishing routines; The Three Card Monte and The Greek, which is Rene's version of Wild Card. All of the gimmicked cards required for these routines are included with this booklet. The Dallas Soiree is the perfect companion to go with Magic From the Soul.