Al Munroe’s Magical Miscellany

661 pages
8 1/2 x 11 inches - hardbound
Fully indexed
Special Introductory Price: $125
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International postage: $35

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  • Al Munroe’s Magical Miscellany

Al Munroe's Magical Miscellany
Only 6 complete files known to exist ...
Until NOW!

The Ubiquitous Al Munroe

During the 1940s, Detroit newspaper man Al Munroe published from the basement of his home, a slightly quirky but tremendously informative periodical called the Magical Miscellany. Over the course of 61 issues he never explained the workings of a single trick but filled each issue with obscure magic history that can be found no where else.

Why is it so rare? You could not subscribe to Al Munroe's magazine. Interested parties sent in postage stamps in order to receive issues in the mail. When "subscribers" failed to send stamps or were deemed unworthy of Al's efforts, they were unceremoniously tossed off his mailing list. Al never mailed more than about 50 copies of any issue and today, only six complete files are known to exist.

Why has the Magical Miscellany never been reprinted? Al's magazine was produced using a rainbow of colored inks on a hectograph printer which was an early version of the mimeograph process. Each year these inks fade a little more until today the text is difficult to read and virtually impossible to reproduce.

So why now? Under Bill Kalush's direction at the Conjuring Arts Research Center, David Roth took on the herculean job of retyping all 61 issues. I accepted the task of laying out this freshly-set type into a single volume containing 661 pages. Each piece of Al's amateurish artwork has been carefully scanned and included in the text. Rereading the entire file as I worked reminded me of what a treasure Al's unique periodical represents.

What about an index? I have always cherished my original file of Al Munroe's Magical Miscellany but trying to find a specific reference in it was nearly impossible. That's why, for this new edition, I created an eleven page index that serves as a comprehensive road map through this treasure trove of information.

We realize that Al Munroe's Magical Miscellany has a limited appeal which is why only 100 copies have been produced. There is a very real possibility that they will not be reprinted. On the rare occasion when an original file changes hands it commands thousands of dollars but now you can own a complete, indexed and readable file at a special introductory price. The retail price of this book is $150 but for a limited time, loyal customers of Mike Caveney's Magic Words can order a copy for $125 plus postage. I can't imagine that anyone reading this email will not be completely enthralled by Al Munroe's exploration through the little-known fringes of magic's history. The book is hardbound, measures 8.5 by 11 inches and weighs a whopping five pounds.